Fund Overview

About the Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund (SFHYX – service share class; HFSAX – investor share class)


Managing alternative strategies, seeking steady returns and controlling risk

The Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund is actively managed to anticipate and respond to trends in differing types of fixed income and equity securities. It seeks steady returns, principal protection and low correlation to the overall markets while providing daily liquidity.

Portfolio construction begins with a basket of high-yield fixed income securities managed for steady returns and limited volatility. These securities are complemented with alternative strategies including a variety of short-term equity trading strategies, investments in long/short, absolute, or merger strategies, and the ability to move into cash depending on market conditions.


The Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund is an alternative mutual fund investment that seeks a moderate total rate of return (income plus capital appreciation) annually. 


The fund is actively managed to anticipate and respond to trends in differing types of fixed income and equity securities. Identifying, quantifying and controlling elements of risk are integral parts of the fund’s construction and investment strategy. To achieve the fund’s objective, the fund’s subadvisor, Hundredfold Advisors, LLC, uses multiple diversified, uncorrelated trading strategies to manage risk and deliver returns. The strategies include:

  • Technical analysis of fixed income markets to determine buy/sell signals based on market conditions, price action and momentum
  • Active analysis of corporate bonds to determine credit quality, duration, or cash alternatives when credit spreads are widening
  • Defensive positions of cash or cash equivalents
  • Hedging the portfolio against interest rate and stock market risk
  • Investments in alternative strategies that may include: long/short equity, merger arbitrage, hedged equity, quantitative equity, or owning other funds of funds
  • Limited use of equity trading systems, currency, or commodity positions
  • Modest leverage as the subadvisor deems appropriate


SFHYX  (Service Class)

HFSAX (Investor Class)


The Fund seeks a moderate rate of total return (income plus capital appreciation annually)

Inception Date

9/1/2004 (Service Class)

10/24/2012 (Investor Class)

Minimum Investment

$5,000 (Service Class)

$1 million (Investor Class)

Subsequent Investments

$1,000 (Service Class)

None (Investor Class)

Investment Adviser 

Advisors Preferred, LLC


Hundredfold Advisors, LLC

Sub-Adviser Portfolio Managers

Ralph Doudera