About Us

Hundredfold Advisors, LLC was established in 2004 as a registered investment adviser (RIA) under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940. Hundredfold provides active investment management specifically to the Hundredfold Select Funds. Through our passion for philanthropy, subadvisory fees earned by Hundredfold are passed on to a 501(c)(3) Supporting Organization, Simply Distribute, which supports medical, religious, scientific and educational activities throughout the world.

Hundredfold Advisors uses active management to seek steady gains while limiting losses. The goal of active management is not to buy at the exact low or to sell at the exact high, but rather to move into cash and sidestep the volatile negative periods so that the cash is available to re-enter the market when an upward trend begins.

About Advisors Preferred, the Fund’s adviser

Advisors Preferred, an SEC-registered investment adviser, provides support for The Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund by performing the many operational, trading, reporting, legal and compliance responsibilities, enabling Fund managers to focus on managing money. Advisors Preferred also provides substantial sales and marketing support to help grow assets under management, thus lowering expenses for all shareholders.


The investment philosophy for the Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund centers on stability of returns via diversification. We believe the best way to achieve these goals is to invest in a mix of active fixed income, alternatives and opportunistic alternatives (our proprietary equity trading strategies) comprising target allocations of 60%, 30% and 10%, respectively, of the portfolio. This investment strategy has low correlation compared to other approaches, with lower volatility as a way to manage risk and deliver returns to investors.  

Ralph Doudera Portfolio Manager, Hundredfold Select Alternative Fund Investment Strategist, Hundredfold Advisors, LLC

Ralph Doudera is the CEO of Spectrum Financial, Inc., a Registered Investment Advisory firm that is responsible for investing hundreds of millions of dollars of client assets. Over the past 25 years Spectrum’s investment and trading philosophy has strived to consistently provide above average investment returns while minimizing downside losses. He is also an investment strategist to Hundredfold Advisors, managing two mutual funds.

Mr. Doudera has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Management and Finance from New Jersey Institute of Technology.  He has also received a Master’s Degree in Biblical Studies from Regent University.

He founded Simply Distribute Foundation, which contributes to organizations promoting microfinance, supporting third world children hospitals,  building orphanages and churches, and evangelism.  He believes this is the best way to make positive changes in this world.

Ralph has five grown children, and eight grandchildren. His activities are diverse, from auto racing to composing music and playing the piano on his Church worship team.  He also enjoys surfing in Costa Rica where he currently owns the beachfront Casa Cecilia Hotel in St. Teresa, Costa Rica.  His first book, Wealth Conundrum, is now in its third printing, and it addresses the puzzles of wealth from a Biblical perspective. It is also available in Korean, and Arabic versions.


SFHYX  (Service Class)

HFSAX (Investor Class)


The Fund seeks a moderate rate of total return (income plus capital appreciation annually)

Inception Date

9/1/2004 (Service Class)

10/24/2012 (Investor Class)

Minimum Investment

$5,000 (Service Class)

$1 million (Investor Class)

Subsequent Investments

$1,000 (Service Class)

None (Investor Class)

Investment Adviser 

Advisors Preferred, LLC


Hundredfold Advisors, LLC

Sub-Adviser Portfolio Managers

Ralph Doudera